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Wife to my high school sweetheart, mom of one, and hopeful adoptive mama. My family and I live in central Texas and love to take day trips, travel, and spend time together. I began my blog as a way to allow family to keep up with our growing family when I was pregnant with our son in 2010, but it has grown into a place where I share recipes, ideas, and matters of the heart for our family. It’s not odd for me to share my favorite things with my reader friends.

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In 2010, I was pregnant with my son and wanting to share progress with our distant family and friends. What started as a way to share basic information has become a place for me to share my heart, share favorite recipes and items, and tell others about the things our family loves. I enjoy the community that has been created around The Gray Matters, and sharing with friends around the country that I have never even met in person! In 2014, I started a company called Purpose Box, and I also share about the way our family’s spending habits have changed and become more purposeful since its inception.

Purpose Box

Purpose Box is a mail subscription box filled with purchase with purpose items. Each box also has a purpose. Our boxes have supported adoptions, birth mother retreats, NICU nesting suites, and more! All proceeds from the box are donated to the featured purpose.

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